Classes will be held via Zoom.
Jonathan Hall, Sweden.se 2008

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hall, Sweden.se

The Swedish School – Svenska Skolan is a Saturday morning language school that offers classes for adults at four different proficiency levels.

The classes are taught by native Swedish instructors using modern text books and current materials, practice tools and audio/visual resources from Sweden. To keep up with the most current material and teaching methods our instructors attend yearly workshops for Swedish teachers at different universities in the US.

Hans Svensson, Sweden.se 2008

Photo Credit: Hans Svensson, Sweden.se

Our instructors make a point of encouraging communication in the target language from day one as spoken Swedish is emphasized without losing attention to reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Work is done alone, in pairs and in groups and many of the classes have short student presentations on a subject pertaining to Swedish culture and traditions.

There are weekly homework assignments.

Johan Ylitalo, Sweden.se

Photo Credit: Johan Ylitalo, Sweden.se

In the upper classes communication skills are developed through total immersion in Swedish.