Student Comments

See what some former students have to say about our courses!

  • My experience with The Swedish School has been fantastic. I am someone who used to feel nervous and self-conscious about my pronunciation, but they have been so considerate and helpful in assisting me with improving. I am looking forward to the second semester.

  • Firstly, I have an incredible teacher. Learning a new language can be intimidating and overwhelming, but my instructor’s calm nature allows for students to effortlessly step outside of our comfort zones when attempting to acquire the language (perhaps it is her Swedish nature shining through). She is incredibly personable, making class feel easy to engage in. My instructor takes her time to explain confusing rules, and when she is unsure, she always follows up with an explanation via email. Am I fluent? Nej! But the Swedish School-Svenska Skolan makes it feel like I am getting there.

  • I’m learning a lot in my Thursday beginner class. I especially appreciate the supportive atmosphere that my instructor encourages. She is very conscientious and thoughtful in her preparation of lessons, answering questions, and following up on any questions that are not answered during class.

  • The teacher is enthusiastic, organized and persistent

  • The right balance between speaking, reading and grammar

  • The teacher encourages only Swedish spoken in the class room

  • The course is well organized and well presented

  • The class in conducted entirely in Swedish

  • Dependable and extremely patient teacher

  • The instructor is excellent with a great sense of humor and relaxed manners

  • Interesting course material with lots of practice in speaking, writing and reading