Moa Junström Arinsberg
(as of December 2023)

Moa Junström Arinsberg is the new Director of the Swedish School – Svenska Skolan, Falls Church, VA

As the School Director of The Swedish School – Svenska Skolan, I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity to bring my diverse background in creativity and cultural appreciation to this role.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, I’ve always had a keen interest in Swedish history and culture. My academic journey has taken me through esteemed institutions such as Stockholm University of the Arts and HDK – Valand – Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg, where I specialized in documentary film production within the realm of the arts.

Beyond the classroom, I’ve been fortunate to serve as a museum assistant at The Royal Palace in Stockholm, gaining invaluable insights into cultural heritage preservation and presentation. Additionally, I’ve dedicated time to teaching film to youth, fostering their creativity and critical thinking through cinematic expression.

Now residing in California with my family, which includes my husband, son, and dog, I am enthusiastic about contributing to The Swedish School’s vibrant educational environment. On a lighter note, one can often find me enjoying a cup of coffee, a beloved Swedish tradition that adds a touch of joy to my daily routine. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find solace and inspiration in nature, cherishing moments of tranquility and reflection.

Congratulations to Ann-Catrine upon her Retirement

The Swedish School and the Board of Directors of the Swedish School heartfully thank Ann-Catrine Skoog Ehmer for her excellent service to the Swedish School as its director and as a teacher, and congratulate her on her retirement.

Ann-Catrine Skoog-Ehmer has served as the school’s director for ten years.

Her linguistic talents, professionalism, strong administrative abilities, sound judgment, and innovative spirit have led the school through these many years. Her perseverance and determination coupled with her ability to act prudently and expediently, have benefitted the school tremendously and made its transition from in-person classes to on-line classes a reality during the dramatic and unprecedented circumstances caused by COVID.

Ann-Catrine is a multi-faceted and creative person who is also very practical and extremely resourceful. Ann-Catrine’s accomplishments are many.

Her directorship and teaching at the Swedish School have enormously enriched the students of the school and the entire Swedish American community in the greater Washington, D.C. region. On-line classes during COVID have even attracted students from other parts of the country.

Swedish-born Ann-Catrine first came to the Swedish School as a teacher in 2005. Her abilities as an educator are extraordinary. She is a gifted and experienced teacher. Ann-Catrine worked with then director Margareta Storm and became the director in 2011 when Margareta retired.

Ann-Catrine’s achievements have had an immediate and lasting impact on a host of many students and the community for decades. This legacy will endure for many years to come.

It is in gratitude that the Swedish School and its board of directors thank Ann-Catrine Skoog Ehmer for her brilliant service as director of the school and as one of its teachers.

Board of Directors
Margareta Storm
John W. Hunter
Carl Ek
Karin Alexis Frenze