Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you get any subsidies from the Swedish Government?

A: No, we get no subsidies from the Swedish Government. The tuition paid by our students pays for all the school’s administration as well as all other expenses.

Q: How old is the Swedish School?

A: The school started in 1971 on a small scale program.

Q: Are you connected to the Swedish School for Children?

A: No, we are two separate schools but we always use the same premises, since it benefits both schools.

Q: Who are your students?

A: Our students are adults who want to learn Swedish for various reasons: Swedish

boyfriend/girlfriend, former exchange students, special interest in music, films, art etc.

Some students plan to move to Sweden.

Q: Can missed classed be made up?

A: No, we only have access to the school facility on Saturday mornings during our

scheduled program.

Q: What happens if the student drops out of the class?

A: Refunds are granted (less $25 reg. fee) only if the school is notified prior to the second class meeting that the student is dropping the class.

Q: Do you offer beginner classes in January.

A: No, the beginner class starts in September.

Q: Are your instructors native speakers?

A: Yes, all our instructors are native speakers with teaching experience.

Q: Does the School provide private lessons?

A: Some instructors may offer tutoring. (This would be a private arrangement between the student and instructor)